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Yes Guys, this is now possible...I m not
joking....Many of us think that this is not
possible or we have to spend some
money for such services but believe me
that we don’t have to spend any money
for getting this done.
Yes, makes it possible,
which provides a free application that
has to be installed in GPS cell phone and
you are ready to track the phone from
anywhere on the Internet.
This application can be useful for office
work as well as family members. You
can track your child as well as your
girlfrend/wife too (LOL) .
This can be used
worldwide and you can use it while
travelling too. The data is stored on the
company’s server for a period of one
month. This can be an invaluable source
for sales and marketting department of
an organization to track the marketing
If you are worried about the security
and privacy of the service, let me tell
that it is very secure and your cell phone
can not be monitored by any
Unauthorized User as in order to access
the tracking system, you have to
authenticate yourself through a
personal code which was used as
identification while installingapplication
on cell phone.
Features of GPS cell phone tracking
system :-
1. GPS cell phone tracker and locater will
not work in the underground
transportation .
2. The application does not work when
the phone is turned off.
3. The data transmission outside
provider’s coverage area will add
roaming charges like any other phone
service charge us .
4. Once application is uninstalled from
cell phone than you can’t do anything .
5. On internet tracking system will show
cell phone location between every 10
seconds to 10 minutes , which is depend
on setting .
Accordng to me this kind of service is
very important for parents to track their
children and from a business usage
point of view an invaluable part of
companies involved in supply and
delvery system like Courrier and Home
delivery system. This will help them to
get a realtime location of the object and
provide an accurate timeframe for the
As of now this service does not provide
the exact pin point location but the
location determined s in the range of
10-20 meters. However with little
intelligence the exact location can be
easily determined especially when you
wish to track your children or the
cheating girlfrend…(lol)

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